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Simply create your personal virtual world with countless customizable assets for eSports,
lifestyle, social and eCommerce streaming.

With Holoset, you create amazing shows by surrounding yourself in your personal 3D virtual world, fast and easy. It’s all thanks to the power of NewTek’s NDI® technology, Intel, Microsoft Skype, and Unreal Engine.

NDIIntelSkypeUnreal Engine

Super Easy to Use

Holoset is as easy as it gets, personalizing high production value content and making it accessible to everyone, the way Twitch, YouTube and YY did for video distribution.


Brought to you by NDI®, the leading video-over-IP Standard

NDI®, NewTek’s Network Device Interface, is in countless video products and in the hands of millions of users. Holoset uses this cutting-edge technology to allow you to bring in any content source from your network such as Skype guests, videos and logos.

Create & Customize like Crazy

Make the most amazing show by choosing from countless combinations of assets and actions, to let you personalize and brand your own virtual world.


Holoset is a trademark of NewTek, Inc. NDI is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.